Press Conference Invitation “Ukraine’s High-Tech Scene in 2014: From Domestic Crisis to an International Reset”

Ciklum, one of Europe’s leading providers of software development outsourcing and IT/Agile consulting services, is cordially inviting you to meet a panel of prominent Ukrainian and international high-tech personalities.

The 2014 political crisis and international turbulence did hit the Ukrainian high-tech industry – but in a paradoxical and partially positive way. This press conference provides a rare opportunity to receive first-hand information from insiders and discover the unexpected aspects of the industry within an international perspective.

The paradoxical consequences of the crisis:
  • How Ukraine’s turmoil is repelling some investors – and attracting some others
  • Why Russian VCs continue investing in Ukrainian startups – and vice-versa
  • How the crisis has triggered the emergence of a new generation of startups
  • The first steps of crowd funding in Ukraine (example of a fund: Fison, and of a startup: Ritot)
  • From Donbass to Western Ukraine: A wave of IT migrants

Industry rebirth:
  • UAngel, UVCA, UAID: How industry associations are emerging to reshape the industry and connect it to the global market
  • The BrainBasket foundation: Why and how Sir Richard Branson and other prominent figures decided to support IT education in Ukraine
  • Ukraine Digital News: High-tech news brought to international audiences

  • High-tech development amid international turmoil: Could Ukraine follow Israel’s high-tech development path

You will be able to meet:
  • Torben Majgaard (Denmark), founder of Ciklum, a major Ukrainian IT service provider, and initiator of the BrainBasket Foundation
  • Eveline Buchatskiy (Brazil), GM of Kyiv startup incubator EastLabs and mentor at US incubator TechStars
  • Bas Godska (Dutch business angel)
  • Adrien Henni (France), chief editor of Ukraine Digital News
  • Jaanika Merilo (Estonia), initiator of the Ukrainian Venture Capital Association, Chairman of the Board of the BrainBasket Foundation
  • Andrew Pavliv, co-founder of Lviv IT service provider N-IX
  • Florian Schweitzer, partner of Swiss-based venture fund B-to-V
  • Yevgen Sysoyev, managing partner of Ukrainian fund AVentures Capital
  • Viktoriya Tigipko, founder of Ukrainian fund TA Venture and IDCEE organizer
  • Dmitry Vishnyov, co-founder of Dnipropetrovsk-based crowd funded high-tech fund Fison

  • For any individual interviews, please send your requests to




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