Ciklum Participates in “EURObusiness. Entering the EU Market” Program of Edinburgh Business School

As one of the leading vendors in custom software development industry, Ciklum traditionally supports close cooperation between business communities from Central and Eastern Europe with their colleagues from Western Europe and the United States. Imple

Dmitry Kanevsky, Senior Technical Consultant at Ciklum, will present his professional experience and expertise during series of events united under “EURObusiness. Entering the EU market” program. On 3 December 2014, the Edinburgh Business School has officially launched the program “EURObusiness. Entering the EU market” organized by “Stronger Together” information campaign with support of the British Embassy in Kyiv, DUB Ukraine and American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. The Program is aimed at business owners and top managers. This educational program includes 6 days of practical workshops and case studies designed to provide representatives of small and large enterprises with useful instruments and practical support on their way to the EU market. During almost 2 months, the Program will provide you with educational sessions on how to use new possibilities opened for Ukrainian businesses, develop strategic and marketing plan for entering the European markets, consider legal and financial aspects of doing business in the EU, learn the best practices from EU trade
experts, study profile success stories and appropriate tools for service providers. The first part of the Program includes general overview of strategic planning, marketing and business operations in Europe, as well as possibilities of working together with companies from the EU. At the same time, practical workshops will develop further skills and provide participants with real-life examples and recommendations related specifically to the service providers industry. On 8 February 2015, Dmitry Kanevsky from Ciklum Consulting will deliver the workshop entitled “Get to the New Level! Learn the Way of Thinking of Decision-Makers From the European IT Market”. Dmitry will present his professional experience in working with European clients on increasing the efficiency of their business processes, making audits and planning of the distributed teamwork. He is ready to share his vision on how to make first steps towards the EU Market in the most efficient way. “Together, we will discover the “western type of thinking”. Decisions on doing business with IT vendor from Ukraine mainly depend on your company`s readiness to adjust to the market needs and follow requirements and expectations of EU clients. When entering the Western European market, you would definitely need to rethink your business approach and openly look for what solutions that work better there. It also worth to consider that decision of your potential customer can be affected by productivity, quality, time to market and people engagement, as well as by such factors as the personality, culture differences, peer pressure or organizational situation”, commented Ciklum Senior Technical Consultant. The program “EURObusiness. Entering the EU market” will help entrepreneurs from different regions of Ukraine to build a proper tactical approach to new markets in Western Europe. For the Ukrainian companies, the participation in this educational program is free of charge (after a registration). To take part in the “Get to the New Level! Learn the Way of Thinking of Decision-Makers From the European IT Market” workshop presented by Ciklum Consulting, please register for the event here. For more details, contact Olga Vergeles, Event Manager at Ciklum Consulting: per phone +380 67 230 7333 or via email:




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